Major dumbass & Major slut continues…

So far not so good. Major dumbass went home to talk to Major slut and they got into a fight. She scratched his face, he pulled her hair, they went their separate ways.

The 1st Sgt however is not happy about Major slut scratching Major dumbass’ face so he told Major dumbass to not go see her again because if she injures him anymore it’ll become a big issue. Keep in mind the 1st Sgt is trying to keep all of this out of the Colonel’s hair as if/when he finds out, they can both be in major shit.

Also, Major slut has a very close friend, another army spouse, lets call her & her husband Mr & Mrs Oblivious. Ever since all of this has been going on, everyone suspects that Mrs Oblivious is also a cheating whore as she is still thick as thieves with Major slut. Mr Oblivious however, well, seems oblivious to it all. I heard through the grapevine though that they too aren’t exactly having a very happy marriage.

Oh things just don’t seem to go too well in land of military marriages sometimes.

"If you sleep with me and you don’t feel guilty then your husband is cheating on you."

— An Army guy hitting on an Army wife(friend of mine)

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Whores are sluts.

It’s always interesting to hear what new juicy gossip my husband has about his fellow mates & their spouses. Makes life entertaining and there’s something about drama that you’re not personally involved in that makes it so invigorating!

So recently there has been a spouse, lets call him Major Dumbass & his wife Major slut, that has been living in the barracks away from his wife. He supposedly found some photos or incriminating conversions of Major Sluts’. Major Dumbass got pissed, had a fight with Major Slut, decided he didn’t want to see her face anymore and moved into the barracks.

Now over here, if you live off-post you need to LIVE off-post and if the 1st Sgt finds you in the barracks, you’re in trouble! Naturally the 1st Sgt did find out, investigated the problem and allowed Major Dumbass to stay in the barracks while he works this out with Major slut.

I guess we shall see how they WORK it out.

"If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying."

My husband

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